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Incorporated in 1979, Al-Kabeer Exports Pvt. Ltd., is today a multi-dimensional and multi-locational frozen meat and frozen foods processor. The Company’s reputation for producing high quality and certified 100% Halal products have made it into one of India’s more reliable and leading frozen meat & frozen food brand. The company is fully owned by Mr.Ghulamuddin M.Shaikh who is the Chairman and Managing Director. The Hyderabad abattoir operations are under the charge of Asif Ghulamuddin and Arshad Siddiqui who are whole time Directors. Except Mr. Ghulamuddin’s family no other family or individual own any interest in the company.

Al-Kabeer’s “Halal” Islamic slaughtered meat is today accepted in more than 20 countries including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt, GCC countries, Brunei, Algeria, Jordan, Maldives and CIS countries. The meat is halal certified by a reputed national body viz., Jamiat-Ulama-I-Hind and all slaughter and carcass handling is done by Muslim slaughter-man.

A few social media sites are circulating videos, purportedly of Al-Kabeer’s facility in Hyderabad showing inhuman slaughter of an animal. Please stay advised that such un-authorised video clips have nothing to do with Al-Kabeer, or any of its facilities, or the way Al-Kabeer works. The modern integrated abattoir of Al-Kabeer outside Hyderabad slaughters only buffaloes and sheep in adherence with local statutes and the Export Policy of the Govt. of India. The abattoir is continuously monitored by State Govt. Veterinary officials, State Pollution Control Board, APEDA and other agencies. Al- Kabeer does not slaughter cows, bulls and bullocks. Not a single picture frame or the images posted in the video clips are from Al-Kabeer’s abattoir. All animals at Al-Kabeer are transported and treated with respect and comfort. Animals are rested & looked after by trained veterinarians and the abattoir follows humane and internationally acceptable practices for modern abattoirs.

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